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Just to make sure no one misunderstands my last post. Mathilda ends up in the care of a kind teacher and her parents escape: I do not consider Mathilda to be part of this genre entirely, however closely related. Klaus, Violet and Sunny usually end up in the hand of better people than Count Olaf, yet commenting on the cliché of the genre and its escapism, they always end up leaving and fending for themselves. Of course, this is what makes the series so fascinating as well.

After reading the series again, along with the complete letters of Beatrice, I plan on discussing it in detail.


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My wordpress post song of the moment.

While researching and reading for my BA thesis, I remembered I had not yet seen this film. Of course, I ordered it from my friendly video store and I intend on actually comparing it to Imitation of Life (hopefully, both versions), Pinky (directed by our favorite rat/stool pigeon/ lusting after his stepdaughter longshoreman Eddie), 100 Rifles and a few others.

Actually, I was going to try and get my hands on the novel by Fannie Hurst for my own interest.

Well, the main point of this post was not to dicuss black film, which coincidentally I am going to do in later posts. As well as film in general, especially Southeastern Asian film, comics, literature, life and well South East Asia.

The point was that any self respecting pop culture fan has nightmares about the Twilight Zone episode: Time Enough At Last in which Burgess Meredith is dealt a harsh hand by fate. His wife is basically a bitch – I mean he has to read in secret because she seems to be the mother of this woman. Shut the fuck up and let me eat my waffles. His lives in constant fear because his boss “bosses” him around, his wife treats him like crap and he has no freedom: in omnibus requiem quaesivi, et nusquam inveni nisi in angulo cum libro. Perhaps.

He wakes up to a world without people but filled with books. Suffice to say, it goes badly. This episode has been spoofed many times, including in The Simpsons. Heartbreaking stuff.

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Recently I read a book called Toyko: A Certain Style. I was not sure what to expect as I just picked it up in the bookstore. After reading it I was struck by how much I want to move to Japan. The Amazon review has this to say:

It’s common for Americans to stereotype the Japanese as conformist, rigidly organized, and immaculately tidy, but with Tokyo: A Certain Style Kyoichi Tsuzuki makes remarkable progress toward broadening those impressions. Tsuzuki photographed the very lived-in interiors of numerous Tokyo houses and apartments, and then jammed his piles of pictures into the format of a short-of-stature book.

However, this short stub from the review does not do justice to the book. This book will make you laugh, cringe, roll your eyes and bring to your tear ducts.

Take for example this apartment ( of course I am not implying any expertise in domestic aesthetics but this apartment is on the minimalistic side).

Most apartments in the book tend to look like the photo below – not messy but often we have artists, university lecturers, musicians and other people who utilize their living space to its uttermost limits; whether it be art, books, records, stereo equipment and junk.

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