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Here Freddy, dressed as a old school ticket salesman, hands over a ticket. The ticket itself seems like some sort of pop tarot card with a naked man fleeing. Still, can you say handing over when is actually using his trademark gardening “scisscor hands“?  Obviously, I think Rachael was pointing something out here:

“Where does that all leave cinema? First, we must acknowledge that a film is a photograph of a drama, and that skillful use of the camera can never excuse the paltriness, sentimentality or weakness of the action”. For you, Atli.

Furthermore, “we most must remember the distinction between fantasy and imagination, and the inherent tendency of the camera to realise what is shows – to present not a world of the imagination, but to substitute reality. This is never more obvious than in the case of sex and violence, and is the root cause of the the fact that these now dominate the cine screen”. Playfully, Freddy offers the viewer a ticket. You are paying for gratuitous violence; even the ticket booth is bloodstained. This is real life: videogames and dreams are part of that reality in this film.


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