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Moodle assignment


Here you can see a magazine cover from the year 1983. Machine(Man) of The Year was the computer. This was to be an understatement in the years to come.

Now imagine you are in the year 1983. Take a look at this link: http://blog.modernmechanix.com/2007/04/12/pm-compares-6-top-computers/

The Internet is in its baby stages, no web-browser is available, with luck you can use a modem to talk on user-nets.

Do you think you would have used a computer back then? If not, why?

Your assignment is to find sources and explain the impact of personal computers and videogames from that era, try not to go earlier than 1980 or later than 1986. Write a 300 word assignment about this era or how you would have imagined what would have happened. You can write about the Sinclair Spectrum, Atari, Nintendo – however you must discuss personal computers as well. Think about their impact in that era. I will be posting additional links to help you. Good luck.

An assignment I tried out.


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