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Finding mistakes  in movies is probably one of the most geekish hobbies you could hope to find; it is kind of like speaking Klingon and programming in bash while listening to Japanese pop while wearing a Green Lantern shirt.

Of course, I am stating the obvious here – nonetheless bear with me. One of my favorite film memories is watching Adventures in Babysitting, the debut of Chris Columbus for all you trivia-otaku.

Personally, most of his films are crap, with the exception of the Harry Potter ones – but how hard it can be to make a film adaptation of one of the most popular book series ever? You could have Jeffrey Jones as Dumbledore. It is child’s play ( a series he should reboot), which might explain Columbus’ penchant for only taking on films that even children find shallow. To his credit, I actually did like Bicentennial Man. Maybe I should not give him any because I am a sucker for science fiction. Still, I digress.

Adventures in Babysitting is a forgotten gem; the masterpiece in Columbus’  belt.  However,  I still do not understand what ring this is. First I thought it was wedding ring, seemingly impossible since it is right hand. A mystery to this day along with how you can be casted as the gay god of thunder – and later look like this. Yes, cross-dressing Þór/Thor is a wussy. I also think Elisabeth Shue should smile at me like that.


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